What to Expect When Buying a Home

You've decided it's time to buy... What's next? 


And thank you for allowing us the opportunity to earn your business and work with you on buying a home. For some of you it may be your first home, and for others this is not your first experience. Regardless of whether it's your first home purchase or your fifth...it's always smart to dial in exactly what to expect along the way.

Here below in our "THT Home Buyer Series", we take you through the many steps involved in your home buying transaction in an effort to make the process more clear, concise and just much less stressful. Over our decades of practicing real estate, we have learned that sometimes just knowing the answers to "what comes next?" can make our clients less apprehensive, more comfortable, and provide them with a much more enjoyable experience.

In each link below you will find some of the "breadcrumbs" others have left before you in terms of timelines, tips, and preparation that we hope will lead you to a successful, enjoyable, and rewarding closing. Save this page and reference it often as we move forward.

This series is meant to be a "living" document and to be improved over time, so feel free to let us know of anything we can add or change to enhance the process for the next home buyers down the line - Kind of like dropping your very own "breadcrumbs" too. Thanks again. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to be with you on this journey, and happy home buying!

THT Buyer Series - What to Expect in Buying a Home 

1 - Thank you and welcome 


2 - Thinking About New Construction? 


3 - What to expect making offers 


4 - What to expect after “Binding Agreement” 


5 - The Appraisal Process 


6 – Earnest Money & delivery instructions 


7 - Mid-Transaction - plan your move 


8 - What to Expect at Closing 


9 - Post-Closing follow up 

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